Well, hello awesome!

We are a bunch of young, dynamic and experimental folks who love having appetizing and healthy snacks at all times of the day (and night!).

We love our usual munchies but wanted a little more from our relationship with stone-age snacks.

That was when we said 'it's over' to the neolithic blue-packet-of-palmolein-oil-filled-snacks and took the onus of liberating ourselves from the tyranny of the same old 4 flavours that have been available since the last century.

And thus, Pepitos was born. (Ta-dum!)

No harmful palmolein or palm oils, no toxic additives and no dizzy preservatives.

Just surprisingly light and crunchy snack-pops in fun shapes, made with wholesome natural cereals and sprinkled with the freshest and finest spices, herbs and seasonings from around the globe.

At Pepitos we use the same oils that we cook with at our homes i.e. rice bran oil/groundnut oil.

Enjoy the Gourmet experience and with International and Indian flavours.

Have it a little or have it all.

Pepitos is irresistible anytime, anywhere.